You Are the Worst Mother Ever

…yeah, according to my 5  year old, I am.

In his own words: “You only want to make me eat healthy food. You always make me brush my teeth and take a bath, do my homework and read. You make me pick up my room and be nice to my brother. (Humph) You are the worst mother ever.”

I bit my tongue and held my breath a little so I wouldn’t burst out laughing. I remembered having those feelings towards my mom at some point in my life but all I could honestly feel was pride. I mean… I’m wearing these statements as a badge of honor…God forbid all I want for my kid is to be clean, healthy and kind! I mean, where are Child Protective Services when you need them? And considering the cops already showed up at my door this week, I’m thinking I should be more careful…I’m pretty close to being locked up for life.

Listen, I am not perfect, I try my best to give my kids the least amount of prepackaged foods as possible, I try my best to teach them common courtesy and decency (you know like not picking their nose in public and saying please and thank you) but if you can relate, what I want you know with all of this is this: you’re doing an awesome job.

The next morning, while we’re running like the wind to get ready for school and as I handed him  a pop tart …he chuckled and said, “I change my mind, you’re a really cool mom.”

I’ll take that too 😉

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