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ETTWomen is turning 3 this year. We have come a long way and are so very grateful for every single person that has connected with us since our humble beginnings! What’s even more humbling is the candid and honest feedback we receive from those who keep our community alive. Lynette and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of you.

Here is what some of our #ETTWomen say:


“Thank you to the ladies of ETTWomen for giving me the support, encouragement and opportunities to step out of my comfort zone to start and grow TeaScapes. The journey has been and continues to be amazing! Love you all! ”

Kathleen Edinger, TeaScapes

Judy-IG copy

“The last few years I have spent most of my time studying in New York City and California. That was where my support group existed, my tribe. I am so happy to have met such an amazing group of women right here at home. I truly believe that when you have a dream along with the right connections, support, and friendships you will effortlessly step into your true potential. Together we will make 2015 an incredible year.”

Judy Banks, Balance Your Life

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“When I set goals for my business or myself, the dynamic of the women of ETTW create a space where genuine encouragement is given, ideas and suggestions are shared. The space shared with these women is truly life changing.”

Nicole Borota, Jersey Cookie Girl

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“When I questioned my path personally and professionally, this AMAZING group of women helped me find the answers. They encouraged me, supported me and provided constructive advice to help me on my way. As a result, I am starting 2015 with a year long plan in place for my business and my blog. From the first moment, the support of these AMAZING women set me on a path that has changed my life.”

Hope Wissel, Thirty One

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“You get the encouragement you need from an amazing group of strong minded women that are out and ready to take their business to the next level.”

Angela Christou, Arbonne/Lavish Clique Entertainment

Dixie-IG copy

“During the moments when i’m feeling uninspired and stuck, the women of ETTW are there to inspire and re-ignite my fire with loads of encouragement, and actionable advice. It takes a village, and ETTW is a big part of my village.”

Dixie L. Nichols, Dixie Bits/Author of “Inside Outer Beauty”

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“I’ve met some great women in this group that I now call friends. Whenever I need advice or encouragement, someone always responds quickly and with just the right thing to say! So glad to be a part of this awesome group! Can’t wait to see what this next year brings with these fantastic women!”

Valerie Arnone Ryan, ID Life

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“The very best things for me as an ETTWomen member is that whether it’s an individual consultation or in our group meetings, I am always enriched with professional advice and life experiences shared. Forever grateful to #ETTWomen!”

Wendy Tiles, Wendy T. Fan love

Josephine-IG copy

“I’m so thankful I made that cold call almost a year to Lynette and she invited me to an ETTW meeting. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I have never met a more encouraging and supportive group of women in my life! The loyalty is beyond amazing. I’ve made some wonderful friends and look forward to the years to come.”

Josephine Bonavolonta-Wilson, Keller Williams

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“ETTW is a truly wonderful and powerful resource for women entrepreneurs. I have cultivated tremendous relationships over the past three years as a direct result of my participation in the group. Unlike other ‘networking’ groups, ETTW encourages, promotes and supports the members and completely embodies The Power of Connections! Love these ladies.”

Marcy Cortez, LAI Financial Group


“I found the ETTW group by accident. I was welcomed, invited to join and saw the opportunities roll in. It is great to be surrounded by women that are encouraging and want you to be a success. There really are NO accidents!”
Renee Marshall-McKinley, Keep Yourself Smelling

Lynette-IG copy

“I have never been more excited to “work” Helping these women and getting to know them has been an amazing ride, I have learned so much about my true passion due to ETTWomen and so much more! I truly believe in my heart that everything happens for a reason!”

Lynette Barbieri, ETTWomen Co-Founder

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“There’s nothing more fulfilling than to live your dreams, even more rewarding when you have a remarkable group of women to share the journey with. I am so grateful for our ETTWomen community.”

Vanessa Coppes, ETTWomen Co-Founder

If you’re looking for a community of loyal and committed entrepreneurs not just to their own business, but with each other, ETTWomen is for you. ETTWomen understand that each of them is a part of a bigger puzzle and that together, we can only achieve more. Join us today!

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