As a creative person, when I decided to embark on my own entrepreneurial journey I quickly learned that my approach to business  was completely different to those of other entrepreneurs I was meeting along the way.
I would try to find resources to grow, but often times found many people didn’t ‘get’ where I was coming from. Learning through trial and error and hiring a coach was imperative for growing my business which started out of my kitchen table. I feel committed to sharing with others my experiences in business management, retail, social media, blogging, media and networking.
What I share on this blog is the result of my own journey: what has worked, what I thought would work, what didn’t.
I’d love to support you through your own journey because honestly, the first thing I realized is that you cannot do this alone.

Do you feel stuck? Do you need new marketing ideas? Do you know who your target market is?

We will immediately give your life and your business a  boost and an action plan!

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