With T-SUIT Travel Essentials, Packing Your Bags Just Got A Little More Fabulous!


It hasn’t been the worst, but winter has finally plagued the east coast and many of us are scrambling to escape the frigid temps. With all the layers of clothes we’re currently wearing, having to also pack the essentials can be some what of a conundrum.

Insert T-Suit Organic Travel Essentials here. These fabulous products are the brain child of Denise Cesare, a wife, mother, and educator.


Denise was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up, she was fortunate as a child to experience family vacations in Florida and at the beach. so wearing a swimsuit was always a part of her life. To this day, she continues to love the ocean and swimming but can never really say she loved her swimsuits. When she was old enough to finally shop for swimwear, even if I was size 6/8 or 8/10, it was difficult to find a swimsuit that made her feel wonderful or that fit me well. This became the catalyst for her T-SUIT Collection. Meant to fit women of any shape to a T.


Hence, why her T-Suit Organic Travel Essentials compliment her brand so beautifully which includes:

  1. COOL 🦋 Soothing and Healing Gel.
  2. GLOW 🦋 Enhances the Skin you’re in!
  3. SPRITZ 🦋 Aloha Love Hair and Body Mist.
  4. CLEAN  🦋 Delicate Fabric Wash, perfect for your swimsuits, undergarments, and more!

Want to look less jet lagged and more jet-set? Check out all that T-Suit has to offer, here!

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