Where do you wear yours?


People wear rings on a variety of fingers, but many do not 
know the significance of most of these positions. Some are more 
well known than others, most likely though, people just slide a 
ring on a particular finger without much thought. 
The reality is that there is a difference in the minds of some.


  1. For right-handed individuals, the right hand is the active hand and the left hand the receptive hand. A ring worn on the left hand means that we are receiving or taking in the qualities indicated by a ring on a particular finger. A ring worn on the right hand means a person is giving or sharing the quality associated with a particular finger. The opposite is true for left-handed people.

  3. Wearing a ring on the index finger symbolizes self-confidence, ambition, leadership or spirituality. An individual in an executive role or who wishes to exude self-confidence should then wear a ring on her right index finger.


    The ring finger is named as such because it is typically where people wear their wedding ring. This finger is represent creativity, love, beauty and self expression.

    Worn on the left hand, a ring symbolizes the receiving of an expression of love from someone with whom the person is romantically involved with.

    Naturally, the wedding ring fits into this category and technically, a left-handed person should wear this ring on the right hand. Tradition has overridden this custom in most cases. 


  5. The pinky ring represents quick intelligence, intuition and the ability to communicate. This finger is symbolic of the way you give and receive information and how sensitive you are to the signals around you.
  6. A ring on the pinky finger can also indicate a tendency to be somewhat of a con artist and someone who gets easily carried away. A pinky-finger wearer may not always be the most trustworthy person in the room.

  7. Thumb
  8. The thumb is a unique and very necessary digit, so wearing a ring on it may not always be the best idea. However, wearing a ring on this finger represents the quality of will. Nonetheless, wearing a ring on a thumb for an extended period of time is not recommended.

Tell us, where do you wear your favorite ring? Why?

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