When You Look and Feel Your Best, You Perform At Your Best: Time for Some Me Thyme!

“When you look and feel your best, you perform at your best.”

In my book,  I write about the choices I made while on my quest for living a more meaningful and fulfilled life: The 360º Lifestyle.

From my personal experience, I can tell you that our outside reflects how we feel inside. I also detail how good I became at lying about that and how unhappy it made me feel.

The truth is that these choices I made worked on both how I looked and felt inside and outside -you cannot separate the 2.

After I began working with women, the stories of their internal and external struggles were all too similar.

Because when you even think about focusing on yourself, it sounds selfish, am I right?

Believe me, I understand that at the end of the day we may be too exhausted to take care of ourselves or feel guilty when it comes to putting ourselves on our to do list.

Truth: Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act. It’s an act of self love. 

I’m going to get scientific on you. Here are 3 reasons why you should pencil in some Me Thyme:

1. Self Care Improves Your Emotional Health:

Taking time out to care for yourself can remind you and others that you and your needs are important, too. It conveys to others that you value yourself. This can contribute to long-term feelings of wellbeing.

2. Self Care Makes You a Better Caretaker:

When you neglect your own needs and forget to nurture yourself, you are at danger of deeper levels of unhappiness, low self-esteem and feelings of resentment. Also, when you spend your time only taking care of others you are at risk for getting burned out on all the giving, which makes it more difficult to care for others or yourself. Taking time to care for yourself regularly can make you a better caretaker for others, specially your children.

3. Self Care Releases Stress:

Giving your body some special treatment is a natural way to relieve stress. Spa-related activities like massage and warm baths have been known to sooth even small colicky babies like nothing else. These activities continue to be effective tools for relaxation as we get older.

Me Thyme

The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago states that certain scents trigger a chemical reaction in the brain that aids relaxation. That’s right, something as simple as a scented candle, washing your hands with a scented soap or rubbing scented lotion on your hands can help you R.E.L.A.X.

I wanted to let you know about a fabulous line of products that I learned about recently: Me Thyme. They target your body, mind and spirit and the experience will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated!

I was blown away by the scents but above all, the quality. The best part is that they are all natural (that’s right…N.A.T.U.R.A.L.), so you’re giving your mind, body and soul a powerful dose of TLC.

 Me Thyme

Cherryl Sharpe, the founder and creator, is also part of our ETTWomen Community…which honestly puts the cherry on top!

You can learn more about Me Thyme by clicking here! Cherryl is having a fabulous after Christmas SALE that you don’t want to miss! Ready to give yourself some love? Click HERE!


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