What IS That Under There?

Working with a client a few weeks ago, the conversation around shape wear of course arose. I said, “if I had to pick one it would be Assests Shapewear from Loft. Actually, the Fantastic Firmer Cami is my favorite.”
Shapewear is often a huge debate amongst women, because not only are there are many brands to choose from, but the promise of “making you look a size X” that the actual garment makes, well it can be intimidating.
My approach to this piece of clothing has always been to use it as a smoothing, contouring tool not a quick fix to looking like a size I know I am not (let’s leave that one for another post all on its own).
I’ve tried many different undergarments throughout my life and this one won me over for 2 reasons: 1) it was only $20 and 2) after I had my kids, it didn’t hurt when I wore it and it gave my post baby tummy the support it needed.
So, look no further ladies, for me, Spanx has met its match.
I am not paid by LOFT to promote their products. This post is based on my opinion and on the result of my own experimentation. 
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