What has Art Done For You Lately?

Daily, we encounter experiences, patterns and relationships which reveal a great deal about who we are. Did you know that through dance or movement, creating, drawing and music, people advance their development? 

Therefore, it would be fair to say that art, in any form, has a particular way of creeping into your life, embedding itself in such away, that it can serve as a link for communication crucial in relating to society.

Looking back on all the marvels this year has brought, we wanted to know how others have enriched theirs lives through art: 

“As an artist, the most gratifying experience I’ve had this year is two-fold. Being able to set up a work space where my designs can come to fruition and working with customers who allow me the freedom to create. There is no better feeling than getting a response from a client saying that they love their outfit.”

“The most gratifying experience is always my client’s first reaction to their commission. If there is “love at first sight”, or tears of joy I know I’ve done my job. And that is why I continue to create.”

Lyndsey Bain McCollam from Jewelry Creations by Lizard Point

“While it is always gratifying to please a customer, my most gratifying experience thus far was when I was chosen to make a family birthstone bracelet for a woman to send half way across the country to her mother, who was about to undergo her first chemotherapy treatment. The daughter, living so far away, was unable to be by her mother’s side. I was truly honored to have been chosen to make such a meaningful gift.”

“I was feeling pretty beat up preparing for a show, concerned that I did not have enough in stock to display as I was selling as fast as I was making. I met a wonderful woman who told me about her direct sales experience and I actually sat there all day considering joining her team until a customer stopped by and went on an on about how wonderful it was that “I” designed and “I” made these wallets. That was enough for me to throw away the direct sales consultant information and head back down to the studio.”


“I donated a necklace to an event at a NJ shelter for abused women. This piece contained metaphysical properties, including “shields one from many forms of negative energy”, and a particular young woman became enthralled with its meaning and serendipitously WON my piece! She cried and stated that the energy behind the stones was something that would help bring her life to a better place. The day I found this out was the same day that one of my designs was showcased in an important fashion magazine, and as thrilled as I was to be recognized, I was blown away by how strongly my art affected this young woman and really, my exciting accomplishment paled in comparison.”

So what has art done for YOU this year? We’d love to hear from you!

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  • Vanessa,What a creative and thoughtful post to write! As you know, art is all about sharing oneself with others so it's not a-typical for the artist to be a giving person.Thank you for allowing me to contribute to this inspriting article!Andrea

  • That was a great topic, Vanessa, and I really enjoyed reading the responses you received. Thank you so much for including me!

  • Again, thank YOU for sharing your experiences. I love relating with likeminded artists. This is the season to relish a bit into what our hard work evokes in others. I am so grateful for all of you in my loop.

  • What an inspiring post. Art touches people in so many different ways – many unseen or unknown to the maker. Thank you for allowing me to contribute.Monique xx

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