What a Day!

Me sneaking a pic of Jenny during filming.
While I try not to rant on this blog, if you’ve been reading for a while, you know I don’t…but, I have to say, yesterday was a rough one. 
Today, I am giving myself permission to take it all in, while finding comfort in focusing on how it started (meeting Jenny MacCarthy), not how it ended (my car towed by NYPD + a HEFTY ticket…wait until I tell the hubs…yikes!). 
My awesome Chica Patty Lennon, Founder of Mom Gets a Life scored me VIP tickets for Jenny MacCarthy’s new TV show.  I have always enjoyed Jenny’s personality (look at me, talking like she’s me GF or BFF…ha!), but after reading her book “Belly Laughs,” (in about 45minutes…I have never laughed so hard in my life) specially when I read she too had suffered from PPD, I was more determined than ever to meet her and get a Chica  bracelet to her. 
Jenny MacCarthy and Hot/Funny producer guy
telling me to put my phone away 🙂
Filming was in Stamford, CT so I knew I had to leave Staten Island no later than 7am to make it  there on time. I got to the studio, went through security and patiently waited to be seated where filming would take place, while devouring some yummy bagels they had set out for those who were breakfast deprived.
But I was on a mission. I wanted to meet Jenny and tell her my story…so, I worked my Dominican charm (I really just poured my heart out to one of the producers and gave her the bracelet for Jenny).
I waited and mingled some more…and then we were all led to the set. 
Unexpected triumph: Jenny was starting the show sitting with the audience. Guess who she sat in between? Patty and I! Holla!!!!! (BTW:Jenny’s hair is gorgeous and she can work it in 4″ heels!)
After the show, I happily walked to where my car was parked (hey… I got to sit right next to Jenny…cool!), only to notice that 5 feet away from me … there she was, hanging with her crew outside, yet guarded by security. 

What did this Chica do? I reassured the security guy and Jenny I wasn’t a stalker (which I’m not…I promise) and was able to meet and tell her my story of PPD and the Chica Movement (for me, when you connect to another woman on that level, it’s a breath of fresh air. Once again it lets you know that you are not alone). 
Conclusion: “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Paulo Cohelo 
Thank you Patty for pulling the strings to get me there! Thank you Jenny MacCarthy for rocking out your awesome self and making this momma’s day!
Jenny MacCarthy and I
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