Vulnerability, Just Ahead

I enrolled my munchkin’ in Kindergarten yesterday. I found myself feeling every emotion in the book, from nausea to happy dancing when I got the “Welcome to Kindergarten” letter, photocopied on yellow paper, like an American Idol golden ticket.
As tough as I am, as tough as I advocate we should be…all I can tell you is that my endurance comes from vulnerability. It was no coincidence that Brene Brown was on Super Soul Sunday this week speaking precisely about how being vulnerable brings you closer to courage.
I realized that all of these feelings were geared towards me being afraid for my son’s ability to connect  to others and with his new environment.
Crazy thing motherhood is…you are not only feeling these things for yourself, but also for your children.
As I’ve learned that I can only control how I react to a situation, I knew I had to allow myself to feel…and move on.
It’s pretty amazing what happens to you when you allow yourself to be seen. As I sat in my car with that yellow paper in my hand, I went from tears to laughter, to nausea again and finally pure joy.
I gave myself the space to go through that roller coaster to in the end, feel the joy and excitement of a new chapter in my son’s life. Seeing his face light up as he told me how excited he was to ride the school bus, overpowered the Mama Bear shaking her head in that “Oh, hell no!” sort of way (you know what I am sayin’? :).
Here’s Brene’s TED Talk on The Power of Vulnerability. I hope you enjoy and learn as much from it as I have.
Onward…to Kindergarten we go Chicas!
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