V+Co. and ETTWomen at #NJDMConf 2018 Hosted by SEM Geeks

V+Co. and ETTWomen where at #NJDMConf 2018 hosted by SEM Geeks last week at Bell Works. Partnerships and collaborations always excite us; we had the opportunity to connect with an amazing group of people in the tech industry. We also got to meet and hear from:

  1. Chris Delany and Pete Shauer, SEM Geeks
  2. Dani Toth, Google
  3. Ty Lingley, Unbounce
  4. Robert Spierburg, All Things Media
  5. Jason Swenk, Jason Swenk Inc.
  6. Jared Christopherson, Hooch

NJDMConf was founded on innovation and creativity and it has become the premiere marketing industry event in the tri-state area. Like-minded thought leaders came together on July 20th, 2018 to educate individuals on the latest digital trending topics, provide valuable networking opportunities, and allow a community to come together and share industry tips relevant to building up a brand.

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