Giving and Getting

I sometimes wonder if other people ‘get’ that there are ‘good’ people out there….people with TRUE intentions. 
I know that in this crazed world, some people’s words have lost their meaning and others are simply out to take what they can, when they can … from whoever they can.
It saddens me to see while in the process of helping someone out… how much more effort they put into ‘protecting’ themselves rather than being ‘helped out’. It leads me to wonder about how much that person must have been hurt in their lives, that they feel that even the air is out to get them. Can you imagine living like that?
Have you ever stopped for one second and thought why we were put on this earth? Is it just to take and take and take… and not give? Doesn’t giving bring you joy, even if you don’t get a thing in return? Isn’t that the beauty of giving’?
Our focus in life should not be in trying to get more money or on how to ‘get over’ somebody else. It should be on helping as many people as possible, as efficiently as possible in or with an ability we are genuinely good at. We are all experts in something!
This is what we were created for; all going back full circle to that pitchy one-liner “Thou shall do unto others as you would have them do to you.” 
Maybe a little too profound for the day… but, these are things I just wonder about… don’t you?
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