Top 3 Winter Shoes

It’s easy to love shoes, heck…it’s easy to buy shoes. But boots? You see, strapping on boots for me (you know growing up were snow doesn’t even exist)…well, Houston…we had a Fashion problem!I struggled, searching, whining, refusing to adapt my sense of fashion to the weather…Until one day. I walked the streets of Manhattan looking pretty…feet frozen. Never again.

When you find shoes you love, you jump for joy and share your finds with others, right? When I finally came to terms that well, winters will continue to come I set out on a mission to find my loyal friends to weather the cold.

So, if I had to pick just 3, here’s what they would be:

1. Riding Boots. Camel  Riding Boots. BEST INVESTMENT. They are always on trend, color goes with everything and you can wear through 3 seasons spring, fall-winter.

2. Bootie. Your go to heel for the cold. Versatile: dress up or down.

3. Snow Boots. If you know me, you know I dislike snow as much as my toddler dislikes spinach. BUT it falls and here in NJ I’ve heard it isn’t any better than NY. So, I found these which will keep you warm, while looking cute too.

Which are your favorite boots?

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