Today, Not Tomorrow, Not Next Week…TODAY!



My 4 year business anniversary is fast approaching and lately, I’ve been receiving a lot of amazing feedback about how with having 2 young children, 3 businesses and everything else  I have going on…I seem to have it all pretty much figured out.


While I am humbled by the validation from others…the truth is, that it’s not true.


I am as Kathy Roberts says ‘organizationally challenged’ and I have A LOT of help to be able to get it  ALL done. 


What I will acknowledge is the fact that years ago I made the decision to live my life in awareness: taking in the good, the bad, the ugly, the hurdles, the ahas, the dark moments, the laughs, the cries, the difficult conversations with others and with myself. I also made the decision to let my faith in God lead the way and openly share my lessons with others.


You see to hide behind what is expected from other as ‘living life’ for me is like dancing out of rhythm. It feels unnatural.  So when I hear someone tell me “you think you have it all figured out”, or “you’re living THE life”…my answer is, “I simply decided to live my life today, not tomorrow, not next week…TODAY!”


Every day you have the power to decide if it will be awesome. Every day. Why live longing, waiting, wanting? 


I am aware that I am a vessel of God’s love and grace. I share that as much as I am able to with others and can only hope everyone, specially those closest to me can feel and see it too.


Make the decision today to live your life and let your anchors guide the way. My friend and colleague Jennifer Tuma Young has an awesome exercise you can do to identify them HERE.


Life is a beautiful journey. Take it all in. 

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