Happy Birthday To One of the Kings of My Life

Papi (2)

Dear Dad,

How are you? Today, on 3 Kings Day, you would’ve turned 62. After we lost you, life was sad. But we were all able to flip the funk quickly, thanks to you.

You taught us all how not to sulk in sadness for too long and how to move forward quickly from difficult situations. God I miss you every single day and when I feel tears coming on, I see your smile or remember one of your jokes.

Tomás has asked a lot about you lately. As he’s gotten older and more understanding of how life and death work, he wonders  if you would’ve been a cool grandpa. It warms my heart to see how curious he is about you and know both him and Samuel would’ve melted your heart as they do mine every single day. You would’ve enjoyed all of your grandchildren so much.

Enmanuel looks more and more like you as the years pass and Ray has reincarnated every single one of your gestures. Andy has your heart-piercing smile. I cannot help but to look for you in them, but it’s not difficult…you did an amazing job at raising 3 wonderful men.

I see you and I hear your laughter in my heart…but, I do miss looking into your reassuring eyes telling me everything would be ok. That is one of my fondest memories of you, you always made me feel capable of taking on world. Today, I thank you for the whispers I hear from you in my children’s laughter.

You will forever be one of the kings of my life.

Felicidades Melchor!


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