You think you don’t have enough of it… hey, you’re not alone.
On average, you work for 40 hours a week, you sleep for 56… Do you know how are you spending the other 72 hours?The concept of “having time” has been one I think we’ve all struggled with some way or another in our lives. If you are watching a movie on a Saturday night with your partner, are you still checking emails on your phone?Do you really believe both activities have your full attention?It all comes down to re-examining HOW you are really spending your time. In her book, “168 Hour, You have More Time than You Think” Laura Vanderkam expresses the importance of shifting your language from “I don’t have time for…” to “it’s not a priority.” 

If you work from home, as I know most of us do and you are on your computer and your son comes up to you with a book, are you really going to tell him you don’t have the time to read to him? Think about that one.

Once you begin to prioritize what really needs your time, you will live a more meaningful life. Sounds simple, right? Believe it or not, you will immediately increase your productivity.

No one else can nurture your career, your family/friends or your self for you.

So tell me, what are you doing with your 168 hours?

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  • Great post! I'm going to be thinking about that more now. Thanksxoxo, jazhttp://fashionstatement101.blogspot.com/

  • Thank you Jasmine fore the compliment and for always reading (I look forward to your comments)! When you really sit down and analyze it a little bit, you find time for more things than you thought possible. You just have to DO it.

  • Yikes! That's thought provoking. I'm probably not spending my 168 well at all. Time to rethink things.

  • I started logging my time and have found in just a few days, that I'm not investing time where I need to. Try it, it's very revealing!

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