Through My Lense: Covering Day 3 at #NYFW for Bella NYC Magazine

To be a part of New York City’s most fashionable week of the year, is always a thrill! On day 3, I made my way to The Lincoln Center. I basked in all the Street Style glory and then headed inside The Salon for the Malan Breton Show. Later,  I would head into The Pavilion for the Venexiana, LTD Show.

I know how much energy goes into producing a fashion show. I love to watch and take in details like the music that plays in the background as wearable art makes its way to the runway. In the end, the stories always get me. It is so exciting to listen to the designers describe what inspired them to create what we just experienced.

Armed with my camera, my colleague Pilar Selman and some red lipstick, check out Day 3 Behind the Scenes of #NYFW:

From left to right, Street Style: @amirahusniyyah, @ckstrash and @bizuufashion

Pilar Selman and I arrived with some time to wonder around Lincoln Center. After a quick stop to take pics in front of the #MBFW Step and Repeat, we met a few of the Malan Breton male models. We were delighted to also meet Latin Actress and Philanthropist  Giselle Blondet and we even ran into Bella Blogger and Fashion Contributor Dixie Lincoln-Nichols.

 Asian flare radiated The Malan Breton Show. I loved the music and caught up with the designer backstage to talk about it some more. Breton said,“We really wanted the show to be authentic to heart of Asia. Everything from the music to the beads we used to accentuate the dresses, they all capture the heart of Asia,” he explained.

I asked Breton how he defined beauty. He eloquently responded, “I think beauty is such an internal thing and everyone should look within themselves to find it. Clothing should accentuate what you already have inside of you.”

In between shows, we took in the scene and mingled by the fountain at the Lincoln Center with fashionistas from near and far. To be honest, I was happy to take a break from my heels as well!


We then headed into the Pavilion for the Venexiana, LTD Show. I can honestly  only use one word to describe the array of fabulous fabrics and styles that lavished the runway: Stunning!

Kati Stern of Venexiana, LTD took some time to chat with me about the show. “The music was so much fun,”  Stern said of the mix of rock and blues that were heard throughout the show. As to were she sources for inspiration, Stern responded, “My fabrics and my colors, I am very particular about my choices.” I could not walk away without asking her to define beauty. To which Stern responded, “Beauty is your inner self, translated on your whole face and your demeanor. You are who you are and that is all that matters.”

Keri Stern and Vanessa Coppes

 Fashion Week is always an experience to remember and I am always looking forward to more adventures in Fashion for Bella NYC Magazine.

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