Think Outside the Jewelry Box: 3 Creative Ways to Store Your Jewelry

Ok, think about all the accessories you have…. Now, consider this: instead of hiding them, showcasing your jewelry can not only bring an accent to your decor, but it will let you see what you really have

Here are some of my favorite ideas to get you started and make decision making effortless:

1) Hat racks, not just for hats: hang it on your wall to display your necklaces, bracelets, cuffs. 

2) A beautiful branch and vase can also be an alternative earring or necklace stand. 

3) Tea cups: place them on your dresser or in your drawer to easily find rings and bracelets. Either way you are adding some more glam to your baubles.

Still not inspired? Well, there’s a huge selection of inexpensive jewelry stands available at discount department stores. Point being, wether on your dresser or on your walls, these pretty pieces are meant to be seen! 

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