Things I Am Not Afraid to Tell You

When I first wrote this post several months ago, I received tremendous feedback, ridiculous amounts of traffic on my sites (if you blog, you know that’s a good thing :), emails, etc. 
It’s intention was a public prayer; a manifesto of sorts, to help me release my fears and self-limiting beliefs. 
Calling things out by their names does remarkable things for the spirit. It creates such a powerful reaction in your mind and it makes room for change. 
I felt so proud of the many women and men who contacted me after that post and expressed how they too were owning their fears with the intention of living better lives. 
You see, if the words that come from my experiences can give someone else permission to want to make any kind of shift in their lives to change for the better…that my friend…is an answered prayer.
As I’ve sat here several times this week, gathering my thoughts, reflecting on the past year mixed with all the emotions of the 2 mayor events that have happened in my area within the past 2 months…I know for sure, I am Am Not Afraid  to Tell You my thoughts, prayers, hopes and dreams for a blessed 2013.
Things I am Not Afraid to Tell You:
  1. I believe in God. Period. 
  2. That I celebrate Christmas and I respect how you wish to spend your Holiday Season.
  3. That your God is just as important as my God and that even if you wish to believe in a rock and worship it as your source of faith or energy (whatever you wish to call it), that I respect that and am hopeful for our world because at least you believe in SOMETHING greater than what we are.
  4. That regardless of your beliefs “a strategy” isn’t going to shift what we all know is ‘missing’ in this world unless we realize that HUMANITY is not set apart by intelligence. That the things that humans do that really makes us different are not related to our IQ. That because we laugh, cry, create art, sing and enjoy music, appreciate beauty, feel guilt, have sympathy, and express a spiritual dimension, we bring great things into the lives of others in a constantly changing way.
  5. That because we are connected to each other in more ways than we will ever know (the message behind Enchanted Makeovers), TOGETHER WE CAN ONLY ACHIEVE MORE (the message behind The Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms).
  6. That prayer has always been my source of strength and power to live in a state of love, respect, empathy, radical compassion for others and kindness.
  7. That I see YOU, regardless of your possessions or your status and I respect you because you are as valuable on this earth as I am.
  8. That I don’t speak gray (right, Jalanda James? :).  
  9. That I pray (fiercely) that with every action I take, I am doing right by my children, because my legacy is theirs.
  10. That I am aware of the gifts I have been blessed with and that if I dim my light (the message behind It Is In All of Us), I am showing my children what that looks like and I hope and pray for them to better human beings than I could ever be.
  11. That I fear judgement and I am aware of the judgment that will come from this post BUT my anchor is my Faith and I will continue to roll with the punches.
I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful Christmas. Here’s to and for a hopeful and blessed 2013!
‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’
Psalm 27:1
Vanessa Coppes
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