The Truth About Writing A Book

My truth anyway and yes…it’s time to talk about this one.


After my biweekly ETTM meeting last Friday, I set a goal for myself: Take new lifestyle pictures for the cover of my book. Yeah, that book that I’ve been talking about for about a year and saved in a desktop folder on my shmanzy computer.


Here’s the truth….while I’ve been doing everything and I mean everything to get the birth of this baby as close to right as possible, I also know that self doubt has been staring me straight in the face… and I’ve been stalling.


As much as I share about myself wherever I go, at our meetings, through my blog and even on social media…there’s a part of my story that I share in the book that I have not shared anywhere else.


This is not a marketing tactic to get you to “find out more by buying here”… if you know me, you know I am genuinely afraid.

However, I also know the impact that moment had in my life had and incredibly,  how I overcame it has been the fuel that has allowed me move forward in the pursuit of my life’s journey… it is my WHY and it’s time to put it out into the light.


Writing has always been cathartic, I’ve been writing since I was 7 years old…journaling, poetry, stories. My writings have mostly been documented conversations with God. They are prayers, dreams, hopes, convictions and with time I realized they were not just for myself, but  for every woman who has felt alone, unheard, unseen, incapable, overwhelmed, unhappy, lost, broken.


It’s been very humbling to receive messages, nudges of “Where’s the book?”…women who have been waiting for me to finally put the story out there in the Universe. It’s humbling and quite frankly an honor to be of that kind of service to someone else. Thank you for your patience, I promise…it’s really coming 🙂


Every book has it’s own story, ask any author, they will tell you the same thing. This book has been a blessing and it has fulfilled what the process of writing a book intends to do: radical honesty with yourself and those around you (specially the ones included in those pages).

The lesson here for me is undoubtedly that despite the fear, with Faith, brains in your head and feet in your shoes…you can steer your life in the direction you chose. And while mistakes will be made along the way, the importance lies in coming out of every situation a stronger and more fulfilled human being.

If you’re interested in knowing the release date of my book “5 Steps to Fabulous: Choices for Living Beautifully, Inside & Out!” please sign up HERE.


Accountability is key to getting things done…Thank you to my ETTM Chicas for cracking the whip. Love you all!

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