The Power of a Red Lip + Tips to Help You Rock It!

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‘Red lips’…ugghh… For a while, I ran from red lipticks like the plague. It was synonym to hooch, standing out, target practice for unwanted, uncalled for attention and discomfort.

As life would teach me, only I determine how I see myself, and how others see me…well, not my concern.

Today, I wear red lipstick whenever I feel like it. It’s an expression of self love, the confidence and trust I have gained in myself over the years, and my children swear I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. And guess what? That’s all that matters!

To you I say, you should feel comfortable wearing it any time, any season, for any occasion.

Red is one of those colors that just works well with every skin tone. And there’s just something about a red lip that instantly makes a woman feel empowered, sexy, and fabulous
When you think of a classic, red lip.. who do you think of? I see Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, yes Marilyn Monroe. Today I see Alexandra Ocasio and I also see myself. 
If they can be brave enough to wear red lipstick, so should YOU! While not every shade of red will work with your skin tone, select the shade that will work best for you. Pro makeup artist Lauren Vena gives some great tips below. 

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❤️Valentines Day is a couple days away and this always makes me think of Red Lipstick!!!💋 ******************************************** I have clients that ask me what is the best shade for me?? Can I wear a red lipstick? Is it too bold? How do I apply? So today let’s talk about “Red Lipstick”💋 • * Always have the rest of your makeup (foundation, concealer, liner, mascara) on when trying on a Red Lipstick. If your skin is not evened out the red of the lips is going to bring out the red in your cheeks & eyes and just won’t look right. * When wearing a Red Lip Everything else should be Natural! Don’t be doing a smokey eye with a Red Lipstick. Choose one or the other. Dramatic eye or lip. When you have a Red Lipstick eyes should be soft neutral you can get away with a winged liner and lashes👍🏻 * When applying put some concealer on lips then a little bit of powder. Start with lipliner followed by your favorite lipstick. If it’s not a matte finish you can always blot to help from not moving. * If your still not ready to take the plunge start sheer or even a red tinted gloss!!! Just because it’s not bold doesn’t mean it’s not a Red! ***KNOW YOUR SKIN TONES!!!!*** * Cool Undertones: Blue based reds. Raspberry, wine or dark vampy red. * Warm Undertones: Orange based reds. Brick reds, muted orange, or even a coral red. (Even saying this I like to where both kind of reds! A blue red and an orange red. So always play you might be able to wear both!!!) But I always say when you do wear a red lip “Own It!” 📸 @3chicksthatclick • #makeup #makeupartist #makeupartist_lv #redlipstick #valentinesday #kisses💋 #njmua #njmakeupartist #nycmakeupartist #nycmua #beautystylist #makeuptutorials #makeupideas #makeuplife #makeuptime #makeuplooks #makeupinspo #beautytips #beautytherapist 💄 @katvondbeauty in Shade #Outlaw

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Now that you know how to rock the look, you are ready to face the world as the fabulous Chica you are!

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