The Power Behind A Lost Voice

Last Friday, I attended Patty Lennon’s Mom Grows A Business Conference 2014.

It was exciting to be in such great company. So many wonderful women, building business and raising children. Like Patty said in her opening keynote, “When you grow business with children on your mind, it looks very different.”

ETTM’s mission is so incredibly aligned with this message. It was conforting to have my biz partner Lynette Barbieri and several of our ETTM members there.

As a sponsor, I was given the opportunity to speak and share #ProjectFabulous with the crowd. But guess what? I lost my voice the night before. Say what?!?! Yep!

I get incredibly freaked out when standing in front of a large crowd… so, how convenient that I lost my voice, right?

Well, Lynette had the task of delivering my speech. Not only did she do an amazing job, but in the end, the message behind #ProjectFabulous was delivered beautifully. So many women approached me afterwards to share their stories or the stories of loved ones who want to move forward from a tumultuous past, but find themselves stuck.

Once you put your story out into the world, it will find its way to those who need to hear it just as much as you need to release it. The more I speak about empowerment VS. victimization, the closer I feel to living my truth: to share my pain so others can shine their light. “In sharing your story, you set others free.”

Thank you work wife!



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