The Perfect Cat Eye

How was your weekend? I hope it was wonderful! If it wasn’t that great…I hope you decide to make today better. It’s Marvelous Monday Chica!!!!!

Last week, this look was the topic of conversation amongst several of my clients. The questions varied form ‘Am I to old to wear this look?’ to ‘Isn’t this just another silly trend?’

My answer: it’s a bold look, like our red lip post last week, rock it if you feel comfortable with having eyes on you. Which you should be 🙂

It’s both very sexy and very subtle. The marvelous thing about the cat eye look is that it’s versatile. So wear it confidently to go from the office to a concert to a formal dinner to a party.

So, how to DIY this fabulous look, draw the perfect/even line and without the mess? Here it is.

You’ll need the following: 

Products an Tools

*A business card.


*Eye primer or nude colored eyeshadow.

*Waterproof eye liner in pencil, cream or liquid form (whichever you prefer).


*A brow pencil or shaper.

Cat Eye Makeup Step by Step

*Draw and then cut out the shape of your desired cat eye pattern (thin, long, etc.)

*Apply eye primer/shadow on your entire eyelid.

*Place your pattern on your eyelid and fill in the entire shape. Use the eyeliner that’s most comfortable for you (pencil or a cream, whatever works best).

*Apply mascara (learn how to apply it perfectly here). 

*Fill in your brows with your brow pencil or shaper.

{Voila! Perfect Cat eye!}

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Try it and let me know if it was helpful!
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