The Importance of Community

Last week I had a fabulous opportunity to be part of a segment on a really popular TV show. I am not allowed to blog, write or share about my experience on the show. But what I will share is the immense gratitude I feel for the amazing, wonderful and supportive women (and men) around me.

A dear friend and colleague, Jennifer Tuma Young  and her husband, took in my children the night before so that I could prepare. My ETTM members came together and made awesome gifts to bring to the show host and production crew. My partner Lynette Barbieri waved and cheered me on in the crowd. Notifications on social media are still coming in today with friends and supporters from around the world (kinda’ cool to have peeps in the UK)!


I always say, “Either people get you, or they don’t. Either way is fine.” But those who do get you will always step up and out for you. When you surround yourself with the people who you are meant to serve, life truly becomes joyous ride.


Grateful for my peeps, the opportunity and the new connections made on this journey.


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