The Craft of Branding Yourself Part II: Analyzing (Demographics of) Your Target Market

Demographics are the average or typical characteristics of the people who buy your products or services.
Such characteristics include age, income, education, status, type of occupation, region of country, or household size. Demographics can also include the age of children, the status of home ownership, one’s home value, and whether one’s home is located in an urban or a rural location.
Begin your research by checking the demographics of the region that you plan to target. To find that information, you’ll need to spend some time online.
Do a Google search to find the most recent edition of the Country and City Data Book, published by the U.S. Department of Commerce. This research will give you the most recent census data on the area you wish to target. Some questions to consider:
  1. What is their Gender?
  2. Do they have children?
  3. Do they own pets?
  4. Race/Ethnicity?
  5. What is their level of Education?
  6. What is their Occupation?
  7. What is their gross annual income?
  8. Where do they live?
  9. Residence: do they own or rent? House or condo?
  10. What is their Religion?
When you understand that these characteristics influence how people buy, making decisions on how you offer your products/services become easier.


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