The Book


5 Steps to Fabulous: Choices for Living Beautifully, Inside and Out!

In this book I candidly share my journey towards grace. 5 Steps to Fabulous is not just a guide for looking and feeling your best everyday; with a lot of humor, spirituality, radical self-love and authenticity, I share an abundance of  lessons for women who want to live purpose-filled lives, while rocking red lipstick. You will cry, laugh and most importantly, accept and embrace the awesomeness of the beautiful being you are.


If you can get past what you’ve been told about looking and feeling fabulous, and instead interpret all that information in your own way, a way that works for you and your lifestyle, the choices outlined in this book will not only simplify your styling routine but will also inspire and empower you to live more meaningfully, everyday.

This is not a book about how to dress or do anything like me. Instead, it is intended to encourage and support you in finding your own definition of what a fabulous life can look like for you. Because you are fabulous. You’re a child of God and you do not need fixing. Maybe just some healing, like I did.

I have to begin by explaining how I got here. It’s been a long journey, and as I sit here today, ready and willing to pour out my heart on these pages, I need to share with you where all of this came from: my life experiences.

I made the decision to share it all—and I mean all—because if you are able to connect with my story it may just empower you and help you understand that you’re not alone in your journey. Hopefully you will be able to make the necessary choices to take action in your own life.

This book is the result of walking in Faith and allowing God’s whispers be my guide.

Now let’s be very clear. I have never claimed to walk around with a Bible under my arm (well, I did for about a year while I was in college but that’s another story). What I do know is the power of embracing my humanity, my Faith and prayer.

I am on a mission to help women feel empowered and to understand that living fabulously is our birthright.

If prayer and meditation are part of your life, you can understand where I’m coming from. If they’re not and you are still reading this, believe me, there’s a reason you’re here with me now.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say, “I’ve been to hell and back.” I’ve said it too, because I have, and I am sure you or someone you know has been there too. But I learned to embrace the journey rather than focus on the hell.

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Praise for “5 Steps to Fabulous”

A must read for all women. Life can be so painful at times due to life experiences, and yet we have to live, and try to live beautifully at that. Vanessa’s earnest perspective is captivating and riveting. After all she’s been through, her inspirational journey to live fabulously and authentically is nothing short of phenomenal. I felt her sadness and her pain, and now I feel her passion and her gains. The confidence she has acquired and her genuine desire to help others live a more fulfilling life through her craft of connection is truly admirable. Great, great job Vanessa. Thank you for sharing your story and for being the genuine and gorgeous spirit that your are.
To me, these three words have become more meaningful after Vanessa’s book. Bravery, Honesty and magnificient. And on top of all that, knowing that putting your story out there, not only will make you a happier person, but will help others to take action and make changes in their own lives for the better. I am very happy and proud of you.
Loved every word! You can choose to feel love from the inside, help others and live a life full of grace… You can start every morning or every night… plus you get to look fabulous while doing it!!! Coppes puts in easy, practic words the way to get there! Hope to see more “written from the heart” stuff from this author!

Format: Paperback

This book has the ability to send a powerful and inspiring message that all women can relate to. The book is down to earth, from the heart, and tells it like it is. All women have trials and tribulations of some kind, Vanessa conveys her message clearly, we all have the ability to overcome anything and become successful. More importantly, how women need to be comfortable in their own skin. I highly reccommend it.


True tales, written in the words of the narrator. Experiences that happen, have happened and continue to happen to every woman out there. The reader will connect with every single thought, expression, idea, frustration, printed in this book.
Vanessa speaks of her peeves, her flaws, and her virtues in such a humorous and authentic way, you feel as if you are the one mentioning them. This is how women should communicate. Without fear of losing, for there is no greater risk taken, than the one that leads to self-fulfillment in the end.


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I met Vanessa when she was around 10 and I was 16, then lost track of her and reconnected about 3 years ago. When you see someone as a child, you have no idea how much beauty and wisdom they possess. Like a seed, you don’t see the flower, but you know the potential is there. I am grateful that the lives of our families intersected, and that the bond we all formed has endured. This book is a testament to how amazing Vanessa truly is.


Vanessa aka V conveys her secrets to never giving up or never giving in when the going gets tough. Young Chicas and mature Chicas will find their path clear from her laid out foundations ,tips and recommendation to live life beautifully inside and outside.


Vanessa shares her strengths, hope and experiences inspiring women to be FABULOUS! For those of us who have struggled to overcome hardships in our lives, this book is a blessing. Her honesty will make you laugh and cry, knowing that no matter what YOUR individual struggle is or was – you too can be FABULOUS on the inside and out! Thank Vanessa for encouraging me to be my best everyday.