The Beauty of Giving Back September 2012 Feature: Michelle Cleary

Michelle Cleary is a singer, songwriter, and professional anthem singer from New York City. 

Her beautiful voice can be heard on the song “Not Forgotten”. 

Retired FDNY FF Vincent D’Orio asked Michelle to write lyrics to music he and FDNY Lt. David Rath had composed.  
Vinny and Dave wanted the song to be about those they knew who, unfortunately, died in the line of duty. Michelle wrote the lyrics and Tina Kenny created the melody.  When the song was complete, the group of musicians knew they had something ‘special’. They also knew, they had a wonderful opportunity to do a lot of good with the song.
“It’s not a ‘typical’ tribute song”, singer/songwriter and engineer Christopher Sauter (aka J.E.L.L.i.) said when he heard it. 
Released to the public on Memorial Day weekend of 2011, four charities were selected to be recipients of the proceeds the song is generating: 1) Semper Fi Fund, 2) New York City Firefighter Brotherhood Foundation, 3) NYC PBA Widows and Children Fund, and finally 4) Firefighters for Americas Bravest (a division of the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation).   
Michelle believes the song gives more to those who hear it than any amount of money that can be raised.  The band is even more honored to give those who have lost loved ones, a song that touches them and puts into words how they are feeling.
For her, the act of giving back through your talents is the very definition of community.  
To support “Not Forgotten” download the song which is available on iTunes and most digital download stores. Visit www.not-forgotten.infowhich has all the information about the song and the charities it supports.
To learn more about Michelle Cleary and her music, visit:
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