The 360º Lifestyle

I believe women are multi-faceted.  I believe we embrace the outer roles of wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend.   But we also have inner roles; those that need to be honored in order to be authentic, productive and truly happy. We are artists, entrepreneurs, mentors and visionaries. When we ignore our true selves we experience self-doubt, anxiety, depression.

Like many women, I experienced those moments through struggles with my weight, periods of insecurity and postpartum depression. It was through a whole lot of prayer, the wisdom of my mother and connecting with strong, beautiful women around me that I was reminded how to best honor and nurture my true self back to living life.

We all feel better and become our best when we embrace our inner and outer beauty. We all have it.

This is why you cannot separate the two and  when you do, it’s a draining struggle. I’ve learned to be good to myself because when I am not, it reflects onto those around me, my children specially. I deprive them from my best self, and in the end: it doesn’t serve anyone.

We are all capable of living a 360º lifestyle.

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