The 3 Basic Social Media Mistakes You’re Still Making


By now, everyone and their mother has used social media in their marketing for 3 years or longer. Yet a recent study shows that nearly half of marketers are unable to show the ROI or impact of their social media efforts.

It should be a no brainer then that no matter what your strategy is, going back to basics is always a good idea. You may discover that what your biz may need is a strategic do-over.

Countless businesses however, have done just that with social. Many businesses have entered the social media space without a clear strategy.; They see it as an add-on to existing plans or just  another outlet to deliver the marketing message. But then business owners are finding themselves working backward, trying to connect their social strategy to business strategy.

There are a few common mistakes that you may still be making on social media:

  1. You’ve taken Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and the set a goal for increasing your number of likes, comments, and shares. While this approach sounds logical, it can trap you in a one-sided perspective. Consider how much that like, comment, or share is actually worth to your business? If you’re not connecting your social media actions to your business goals from the beginning, the results of your ROI become murky. Literally, social media then becomes an end unto itself.
  2. You’ve limited your brand presence to the most popular channels, not the ones where your people are actually on. Success often depends on having a multichannel social media strategy. If you are not using on the platforms that matter to your business, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities.
  3. You’re still not blogging. Businesses that have prioritized blogging are 13 times more likely to receive positive ROI. Blogging helps you get found online. Your reach from this alone will bring you leads you wouldn’t have without it. Day and night, your blog is always working for you.

So what now? You want to know how you ensure that your social media efforts are aligned with what matters to your company? You want to know how those efforts are positively contributing to your bottom line? Simple: Base your strategy on business objectives, then follow that by thinking about your target market, social media platforms, tools, and metrics.

Different objectives and target markets require different channels and tools. To simply set goals for higher follower or engagement is to set yourself up for failure. Once you’ve gained clarity on your objectives and selected the right platforms, you have to create content that the audience will value.  Rule of thumb: Solve a problem, deliver a timely message, or just put a smile on their face.

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