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… enough suspense already, right? If you’ve been reading our FB page and blog this week, you might have noticed something is up at enV

Recap: I talked about Turquoise in jewelry (which as you may already know is my favorite stone), the meaning of gemstones and the importance of managing your time. Today I put all these elements together in one simple phrase: hard work pays off

So, after spending the last 14 months focused on this very competitive business of designing and making jewelry, what happened to me last week,was a very welcomed pat on the back.

My big news?!?!?!

These 10 celebrity moms, are getting enV’s Simply Turquoise Necklace :

Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie, Denise Richards, Tori Spelling, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Brooke Shields, Halle Berry, Courteney Cox, Jen Garner and Heidi Klum.

Personally, this is a huge a deal. Not because the thought of possibly being famous has entertained me for one second (…well, alright, maybe just a tiny bit), but the truth is: my work was considered, not overlooked. 

That’s where this whole thing struck a nerve.

So the cliches of being consistent, of persevering, of not giving up, of BELIEVING in YOURSELF, well they aren’t just “words of wisdom”.

After reading this phrase in my Savor MagBook: “We are walking magnets, we attract to us exactly what we are thinking,” it has embedded itself in my brain and not let me “give up” ever since.

If you want great things, they WILL come. Dreaming is not enough. You have to do. 

I will keep you posted with details of what happens next. 

In the meantime, what are you doing to make your dreams a reality?

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  • OMG!! Congratulations! This is massive! Well done, I'm so happy for you! ♥

  • WOW That's huge!! Congratulations! You jewelry is amazing and you totally deserve that! xoxo, jaz

  • @nNicole, thank you my dear…you've been so supportive through it all! Luv u 2!@Jasmine, thank you sweety!@Miss Val's Simple yet chic 🙂 Thank you so much!I am very excited for this!!!

  • Big Congrats to you! The list of names is astounding. That is so amazing and exciting. I have always liked Sarah Jessica Parker for the person she is (though I never have watched Sex in the City). And I've watched Project Runway since the first show, first season. So that makes it extra spectacular!Did you jump and dance around??? You can tell. 🙂 I am really pleased for you.

  • Pretty much Marilyn! Still dancing though :)I still need to be pinched here and there… There's a lot more going on with this, I just can't say too much yet :)Thank you for your words…I love Sarah too!

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