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If you hadn’t heard, all summer long, Broadway  in NYC has been a catwalk. No, really – a veritable fashion show through the Fashion District, with designer mannequins showcasing one-of-a-kind manifestations of the world’s top designers’ artistic visions. 
While strolling in the city this past weekend, I was able to admire these exquisite masterpieces  from fashion icons like Diane von Furstenberg,Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors. Thirty-two mannequins have been outfitted with their styles and scattered on the pedestrian mall between Herald Square and Times Square for a special project called Sidewalk Catwalk.
The mannequins, which were installed to promote the Fashion District, first appeared along the half-mile-long runway in July and will strut their stuff through September 3rd. They will then be auctioned off to benefit Material for the Arts, a nonprofit that provides art supplies supplies to educators and students in the city. 
Sidewalk Catwalk is just one of an array of other public art initiatives filling the city during the summer.
I loved the diversity of materials used to create each one. What do you think of this incentive?

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  • Fantastic display. I love that this raising money for the arts. Art is such an important part of our lives and gives us great inspiration!

  • Isn't it beautiful? I loved the concept and especially the intentions behind it. I regretted not bringing my good camera to take better pictures.

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