Stop Being Creepy On Social Media


When social media networks like Facebook came along, I was in awe. It was a way to keep in touch with family and friends in the Dominican Republic fairly quickly and inexpensively.

Once I started using it for business, it’s become a necessary marketing tool to not just promote my services, but to connect with potential clients. It’s fabulous!

Of course there’s also Twitter and Instagram and the other dozen social media outlets you’ve probably signed up for. It’s time consuming yet again, a necessary business building tool.

But what happens when you begin to mask who you are behind a mobile device or computer screen? 1000% fail. Let me explain.

Social media has allowed us to share our interests with others, but some people have gotten carried away. They’ve gotten weird—and I don’t mean interesting or endearing. I mean legit creepy.

Some of these behaviors have made me want to completely delete my accounts -mind you, I do this for a living.

One of the things I always tell people about social media behavior is that if you wouldn’t do it or say it in person, why on earth would you do it online? Yes, you’re absolutely free to do whatever you want on your social platforms, but just know that most people on the other side of the screen are sitting there wondering WTF?

Don’t fall into these creepy social media behaviors:

1. A picture speaks a thousand words.

In the modern age of social media and posting, it seems like this is the norm but not everything you do warrants a selfie (you doing your laundry, your dog’s poop, your hairy legs on a beach, your sick partner passed out on the couch). I’m sure your barista is NOT amused.

2. Randomly following/friending people connected to one of your friends that you don’t even know.

Sure it’s social media, but think about it for a second, do you just show up at someone’s house, knock on the door, and expect them to let you in? No, you know why? Because it’s creepy. Take a minute to think. Have you met this person? What’s the connection? Just because you are connected to 1 person they know, it doesn’t mean you have the green light to access their friend’s list or their followers. When I think of someone I know going through the people I know and randomly requesting them on social, it makes me think about their intentions. We know FB friends aren’t real friends, but if you value relationships, what’s the value in that? Guess what? The other person who doesn’t know you, thinks it’s just as creepy!

3. Liking every post a person shares in order to get their attention.

Imagine if someone in person clapped at every single thing you said. Creepy. Same thing on social, DON’T DO IT! Social media is meant to be a resource for engagement, socialization and entertainment.

The best way to get a response from someone you’re interested in on social media is to simply ask them a question. Build a rapport and get to know the person by actually exploring their content. Comment on their photo in a nice way. Frame comments as questions. Engage. In due time, send a personal message. Don’t fan out the second you connect or shift the conversation to sell them your product or services. To me that’s the ultimate let down. Let’s connect, our stuff will show up on each other’s feeds. Let’s build a rapport first.

Literally ask yourself, would I say or do this in person before you post it. I met my husband online, we courted each other and took our relationship in stages for months before we decided to meet in person. If done right, social media can really get you very far as a relationship building resource.

Don’t ruin a first impression by acting like a bot, when you’re truly a remarkable human being 🙋🏻‍♀️

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