Stay Warm BUT, Look Fabulous!

Trendy Tuesday is feeling like a Monday, right? I know one thing, it’s definitely feeling cold!

The great news is that you can create a fabulous layered look where you’ll not only look Chic but yes, keep warm.

Try Opera-Length Gloves

Many of the most flattering coats have bracelet sleeves and will leave your forearm open to the cool air. Solution: Opera-length gloves — either in a matching or a bold red or sumptuous brown — you’ll feel elegant, completely modern and WARM.


Mix in a Print
Reaching for black, gray, and navy during winter is the most natural thing to do but, mix up your neutrals with a winter print.


Bring it! Pile on Thin Layers
Staying warm doesn’t mean to pile on thick clothes. Picture this: several layers of body-conscious knits, a scarf, a sweater, add a belt to slenderize the look.


Switch It: A Coat for a Cape
Take a break from your everyday coat and trust a chic wrap-around to keep the cold air out.


The Hat is Back
A chic hat streamlines an oversized coat and is more flattering than a messy beanie.
Now that you have 5 alternatives to layer not just for warmth, go ROCK it Chica!
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