Special Requests

I was looking through my album yesterday and realized that over the last year, I have made over 500 pieces of jewelry…and that’s not counting hair accessories. That’s a lot!

Many of them have come from pure design, but many have also come form my customer’s own ideas. Weather they’ve wanted a variation in color or a specific material, they’ve come up with some pretty unique pieces.

This is one of the reasons I love custom products. You can literally have a vision and then make it attainable. Here are some examples of special requests I’ve gotten over time.

Why do you like custom made products?
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  • Wow beautiful! Love seeing what people come up with. And custom creations allows the customer to really get what their looking for.xoxo, jazfashionstatement101.blogspot.com

  • They really do come up with some fabulous pieces. It's really exciting when the customer is pleased too ;)Thank you for your input.

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