Sleep Tight…Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

One of the things I am very humbled for is the opportunity to receive products submitted for review. To think people value my opinion is an honor but quite frankly, if you know anything about me (and if you don’t now you will) you know that I would only share with you something that is worth your time and hard earned money.

Kim S. Napolitano-Perry and I connected here, through my blog a few weeks ago. She is the owner of Winter Solstice Dreams, an official Maine made: America’s Best Company. She sent me a sample of one of her products: an Organic Lavender & Flax Linen Aromatherapy Eye Pillow.

What Kim didn’t know is that I suffer from awful migraines and insomnia (like to bed at midnight and up at 4 am insomnia). Having tried quite a bit of everything, I was happy to try the pillow specially because of how good it smelled! It is crafted from the 100% linen fabrics. Three different linen weights are “mixed” together to form a super soft, luxurious, and practical eye pillow. It is also carried by Terrain, a home and garden division of Urban Outfitters, Inc.

The day I opened the package was one of those migraine days, so I warmed up the pillow in the microwave as the instructions said and laid down with this soothing pillow across my eyes. I was so relaxed that a few hours later, when I managed to wake up, I was headache-less and oh so grateful to Kim for sending this amazing product my way. There is nothing like getting rid of a migraine the natural way.

For several weeks I have been sleeping with the pillow next to me in bed and since, I have been able to quickly relax and fall asleep at night.

Thank you Kim for creating such a wonderful product and offering my Chicas a special gift: FREE shipping on orders over $28! Use the code LINENANDFLAX from now until Sept. 27th on US orders only in her ETSY shop:

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