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Vanessa Coppes shares her Hack Attacks on PIX 11 News! Meant for the busy peeps, entrepreneurs or parents-on-the-go, these segments are fun, engaging and share lifestyle hacks, lessons and steals to help you in life + biz.


Life Is BELLA on BELLA TV brings BELLA Magazine to life + offers a curated guide to fashion, beauty, health, philanthropy, arts and culture, cuisine, celebrities, and entertainment.


Tune in as BELLA Magazine’s podcast division shares some sassy, funny, and intelligent conversations with Editor-in-Chief, Vanessa Coppes and the BELLA Team. It’s all the BELLA content you love, from entertainment , beauty, lifestyle, empowerment & more. The Bellas will dish their opinions on each topic, diving deep beneath the surface of what we see on the glossy cover. Whether it’s fashion, lifestyle tips, celebrity interviews or exclusive for- BELLA- ears-only news, the ladies will deliver what you want to hear the real way -the only way.