Shimmering Fashion

Trendy Tuesday is here.

Sparkles, glitter, glitz…they all evoke a rockstar persona in us and when we wear it, it screams “here I am!” 

Today, we’ll be talking about Shimmer. Don’t you feel fabulous when you wear it? As you should! But we don’t want to look like we went to battle with an army of fairy dust, right?Now here is the dealio…some of us think that wearing it at a ‘certain age’ is inappropriate (what age is that…anyone?). 

No Chica! 

We now have permission from the fashion gods to glam it up at any stage of our lives. But the truth is, the easiest way to pull this look off and still look classy is with our makeup or with a few pieces of clothing. Notice I said OR. One or the other (makeup or clothes), not both.

Here are some eZ, elegant ways to mix Shimmer into your look:

1.Top off your nude nails with a silver glitter top coat.
2. Glitter eyeliner or eyeshadow is definitely a look that wouldn’t be complete without a few coats of black mascara. If you’re loading your eye area with sparkle, you  want to keep the rest of your face simple. Apply a very light blush and nude lip gloss to finish the look.
3. Using a body cream with shimmer is a fantastic way to make your skin look luminous and healthy.  The key is to stay away from products that contain sizeable pieces of glitter. Choose ones that will give you a subtle radiance.
4. Wearing jewelry, is another simple way to glam up any outfit. Pick your pieces wisely a stack of bracelets on one arm or choose to wear a statement necklace.
I hope these tips help you to easily shimmer your fashion this season!
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