Reaching Your Full Potential

“For me, the path to success was never attaining wealth or celebrity. It was about the process of continually seeking to be better, to challenge myself to pursue excellence on every level. The question I ask every day is the same as it’s always been: How much farther can I stretch to reach my full potential? What I know for sure is that it’s only when you make the process your goal that the dream can follow.” Oprah

This quote may lead you to reflect and ask yourself questions like: What do I appreciate about myself? What do I accept? How have I used my potential to achieve the things I want in my life? 

These questions are the ones Susan Vernicek asks in  The Identity Five Show, Scratching the Surface” an online show featuring high profile, diverse, and real women who unveil their inner secrets about self-worth and self-esteem.

Many women tend to overlook the importance of tapping into a deeper level of self. It’s not an everyday occurrence for each of us to discuss the good, and the challenges we face each day.
The Identity Five is a set of five questions that you can use as a tool to dig inward, ground  and challenge yourself. I encourage all of you to tune in and watch this inspiring show!

The first episode, featuring jennifer Tuma-Young, premiers today! Click here to watch!

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