Question: How much time did you invest in yourself over the past week? Month? Year?


Time for self is one of the hardest thing for women to do. We dismiss it so easily yet it is so imperative for our development as whole individuals. Radical self love starts with saying yes to YOU.

The Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Women has tailored a fabulous 2-day experience for you to invest in yourself and others through your business.

It takes a village to grow a business, to raise a family…the more open you are to that truth, the more open you are to living fully!

ICYMI: There’s an awesome community of women who genuinely care. You do not have to do any of it alone.


Only 10 more days until ‪#‎ThePowerOfConnections2015‬! Two jam packed days of life and business changing sessions, worth over $1K for just $139!

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