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In the United States people read an average of thirty minutes of news per day.

Presently, the United States has the largest readership worldwide, and the largest number of newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Clearly, the savvy business owner would do well to advertise in print media. Some people suggest that digital media is a more modern option. Still, ignoring print media in favor of strictly online advertisement ignores the large circulation and great popularity of print media in the U.S.

Why should you consider using print ads for your marketing needs? 

Several reasons.
When an advertisement is published in print media, it does more than simply persuade the readership to purchase a product or service. It provides the business owner with a means for forming a strong corporate image with the publication’s readership. This aspect of print advertising is actually more essential than the more obvious goal of increasing customer base.

Our efforts to provide affordable advertising in print was made possible when we partnered with Genesis Magazine. Some fellow artisans took advantage of this opportunity and have nothing but high expectations of the results they’ll have.

Here they express their opinion:

Claire Ogden- Claire Ogden Designs

Why did you decide to advertise in a print format?

For me,I am targeting a whole new field in a brand new location, I felt that print offered a lot more impact.

How do you think this type of advertising will help your business?

Hopefully it will encourage people to browse the website because they adore what they see and then order a bespoke wedding package!!

Marilyn Moore- Chained Heart Jewelry

Why did you decide to advertise in a print format?

First of all, any exposure is good. My main sources of advertising are free and therefore, limited. It is also time consuming. I already have more things going on than I can get done in the day, so having to go “tweet” and other things like that become a tedious chore at times. Initially, the idea of having exposure to other people interested in handcrafted jewelry was the biggest reason. There is also that feeling about having something that you can hold in your hands and look at. The computer is great for networking and advertising, but there is just a certain feeling to holding a magazine or page in your hands and sitting down with it.

How do you think this type of advertising will help your business?

I want to get my jewelry line’s name out there. I hope to gain some kind of exposure. Visits to my online jewelry stores are good, even if there is no sale because a person may see something that they know a friend or family member would want and tell them. My main goal is really just to be able to reach as large of an audience as I can while working with what I can afford. 

Why did you decide to advertise in a print format?

I had never given print advertising much thought until Vanessa began this project. I am trying to open up to new opportunities to keep my marketing fresh rather than just write something off saying “oh, that will never work” or just assume that it is not financially feasible.

How do you think this type of advertising will help your business?

My hope is that advertising in a well circulated magazine will help attract new customers.  Plus, there is just something about seeing your business and products in print.  It somehow feels more permanent than the web.  I know that I save my favorite magazines and read them several times throughout the year.

Why did you decide to advertise in a print format? 
I decided to advertise in print to expand my website visitors and customers.

How do think this type of advertising will help your business?
I think this type of advertising will definately help my website receive more visitors and customers. Advertising in a magazine will open up a new line of customers that have probably never heard of me.


enV also took advantage of this opportunity and hope that the results exceed our expectations.

Some people say that print media is dying. This is not true. Print media is more targeted than online media making it a natural choice for smart marketing.

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