Perfect Mascara Application Tip

Mascara for me is a must in my everyday makeup routine. It adds a little “somethin’, somethin'” to your final look and helps you skip the eyeliner if you are in hurry.But, don’t you hate the clumpy mess you get when applying mascara, specially on your skin and lower lashes?In this video, (filmed at 7 am :),  I show you a quick tip that will forever change your routine. I promise!

***Loose transcript: Good morning everybody, I am Vanessa Coppes, founder of enV Jewelry and and I am getting ready to drop off my son at day care, but I’ve been a lot of questions about makeup. So, I wanted to give you a quick tip on how to avoid that mascara glump that we sometimes get when applying mascara. I learned this trick a few years ago and it is the easiest way to get great looking eyes, specially if you are on the run. Slide a business card right underneath your lower lash and apply mascara. The excess liquid will be left on the card, not your skin. How cool is that?***
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