Our Shop: Part 4…WE’RE OPEN!!!!

Finally! Our little shop has come together and made our grand opening such a warm, fun filled event. 

Elements from our trip to the DR helped put the final touches on our decor, making our space relaxing and inviting.

I would like to thank our customers, family and friends who stopped by to make the event even more special. 

Special thanks to Caryann and Amanda Concilio for welcoming the enV team to your Bamboo family; my Savor Sisters: Andrea Rosenfeld (rooting me on all the way), Miriam Cohen and Deena Burges (you came!!!), Angela Jia Kim (your mentorship and encouragement have been vital); Francine Lamarr (you are awesomeness personified); Bridget Hogue, Grace Kang, Geanine Thompson, Lisa Umansky, Renee Brown and Nicole Abbott: you are like the most complete cheerleading squad, without having to do cartwheels; Mom, you are the head of the squad; Jenna Scafuri and Amanda Litkehaus, the best staff ever and Christine Mrad for always having my back.

To those who were far and couldn’t make it, your messages, phone calls, tweets and emails kept us fueled throughout the day. 

Last but certainly not least, to my hubby and son, your patience and support helped make it to this day in one piece. 


A piece of my heart and my passion for creating are displayed in this boutique, which genuinely is a celebration of my roots and the fruit of determination and hard work.

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  • Hi Vanessa, well done on your new venture, I am so pleased for you and your shop looks amazing, you must be so proud of all that you have achieved and I wish you all the very best. Love Claire x

  • Thank you Claire! It's been quite the ride for the last couple of months. It's been exhausting but so much fun 🙂 Thank you again 😉

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