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Over the past few months, I tackled one of the biggest monsters in my house: organizing my office. It’s a little ironic considering not only because I spent A LOT of energy making it ‘MY’ space in my home, but I practically live in my ‘woman-cave’.  I love my space!

I have a desk for my assistant, my own creative corner, a conference table and comfy couches to lounge in with a good book or have coffee with a client.

I had let this space go though. Little by little, my children began dropping in and leaving toys behind…and as life got in the way, so did a whole bunch of crap!

Clutter for a creative person isn’t really ‘clutter’. I call it an organized mess but with time it had gotten out of control.

Your exterior is a reflection of your interior. Try to cover it up, hide, deny it…but it’s true. When your work space begins to reflect the hustle and bustle that goes on and you can no longer create, it’s time to make a hard stop and look into why you no longer want to work in your ‘sacred space’.

Then Debra Levy showed up to rescue me from death by paper pile up. Seriously, looking at these pictures today makes me shake my head and wonder how I was able to get anything done. I mean I had a pile of junk mail nicely stacked on my conference table, which I couldn’t use.

Organizing, like cleaning home and definitely office cleaning, is not something I enjoy doing and will happily outsource. Debra, whose company is called Organizing Made Easy (rightfully so) made the process easy and above all… liberating!

She created a series of “zones” and systems that will allow me to easily maintain the space not just organized, but streamline my work flow.

The tiered wire baskets became an “Action Center”, the storage cabinet became a “Supply Zone”, and the small bookcase behind my desk became a “Creativity Center”. She also created an “Event Supply Center” out of a beautiful antique hutch given to me by my biz partner and she also organized the “Jewelry/Product Center” which displays not only my products, but the creations and services of other women entrepreneurs which are now beautifully displayed in my office.

Being disorganized can cost you time and money but it can also restore your peace of mind. Debra’s patience and guidance have allowed me to reclaim my space and my creative sanity. Thank you Debra!

If this is an aspect of your life you recognize you need support with I highly recommend you reach out to Debra here.

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