Organic Makeup

There’s a lot of buzz around the word organicThere are a lot of opinions and yes, a lot of organic products. 
I cook organically, I use organic skincare products, but when it came to makeup… I realized I  wasn’t skeptical, I was just attached to a brand. 
Organic and natural cosmetics are made from mineral pigments and organic plant extracts, which provide natural sun filters, long-lasting color and deliver a healthy-looking radiant glow. 
Unlike conventional makeup, none of these products contain any synthetic FD&C dyes (also known as synthetic colors), artificial fragrances or petro-chemicals, making them ideal for people with sensitive skin… I have very sensitive skin, so I should give organic makeup a try, right? Duh! 
Donna Cristino, the founder of Jing Ai Organic & Natural Cosmetics,  sent me some samples of her fabulous organic cosmetic line…and…O.M.G! 
The Picadilly Bronzer Duo, the Foxy Lady and Peek a Boo  Lip Glosses left me in awe! The sets are specially a no brainer when it comes to applying because everything gives your skin a healthy and natural glow (minus the gunk that can make you breakout)….LOVE IT!
Donna  says, “I want people to know that certified-organic is the new Sexy!” 
Jing Ai Organic & Natural Cosmetics is available for purchase through their site and is launching on QVC on Aug. 21, 2012 at 9pm. 
The brand is gluten free, vegan, made with USDA certification, organic ingredients and certified by the Leaping Bunny. Is that organic enough for you? 

Chicas, if it wasn’t eZ, fabulous and chic, I wouldn’t be recommending it. 

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