Open Letter To My Son on His Birthday

My  Tomás,


I sit here this morning, holding immense gratitude and joy as we celebrate your 5th birthday today. Actually we’ve been celebrating since last Saturday, but that’s another story.


I am so proud of the kind soul we are raising; so curious, so active and so freakin’ smart! What I am most grateful for is the many lessons you have taught me. So in 20 years when you find this, I hope you’re not embarrassed by all the pictures I’ve shared with the WWW about you, but will rather look back and remember the happiness you feel today and we have felt since finding out you were coming into our lives.


When I had you, I went through a rough patch. I thought that I had to stop pursuing the things that I wanted in my life, but little did I know what you had in store for me.  You have been my biggest teacher, helping me realize how capable I really am of doing anything I have set out to do. I see so much of that in you. You have my spirit, but your father’s smart ass attitude ( which I will forever try to mold!). You keep us on our toes and everyday is an adventure. And depending on the superhero you’ve decided to be that morning, our mission adapts to your wondrous imagination.


I have to admit that I am ecstatic to share in those moments with you because I don’t ever want to stray from seeing life through your eyes. I pray you get serious enough when it is necessary (to go to school, get a job and move out when you have want to), but that you are able to adapt to hardships, as easily as you do now. I mean, I know that when I take away your Spidy suit or only let you have 2 Oreos after dinner (…or asking you about 500 times to pick up after yourself, oh and to bathe or brush your teeth) and to eat your veggies means drama, but you move on to the next thing quickly, without sulking. Many adults still can’t do that. It’s awesome you can dude!


Your compassion exceeds your understanding and I pray that in your teens, you still know that taking others into consideration is cool. But don’t you worry, I’ll be around to remind you in case you ‘forget’.


You have made our life better, richer and continue to surprise and amuse us with your theories on doing things. We’ll entertain you and allow you to express yourself…but just remember today and always little man, we’re the parents. Always will be.


My prayer for you today and always my son: stay curious and be kind to yourself and to others.




Love always,




PS: You will always, ALWAYS be my baby.

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