Oh Memories!!!!!

So after a weekend at Coney Island, fun in the sun and fireworks…I couldn’t fight off the overwhelming urge to share all the memories that were brought back this weekend and hope we have passed on to our son…or not. 
You know, just those ordinary things that you saw as a child and still remember today…with a hint of awkwardness…

Although I must confess, the “Mild Thrill Ride” Roller Coaster, as classified by Coney Island Operatives we rode with our son, well…let’s just say I know he won’t be wanting to get on one soon. Maybe when he’s 30. Good, there’s always one of those cute https://www.railwayfactory.com/ trains around, really.

So, here…enjoy my list of the corky things I saw:

1) The lady standing and holding the empty parking spot, who looked ready to kill anybody who dared take the spot ( GUILTY!)

2) Corn Dogs … that have been fried and sitting out since God knows when: YUMMY!

3) Cold french fries oozing in oil.

4) Street dancers…NY has the best ones! Where else do you clap to motivate the poor guy whose scraping his hands and knees, literally, to give you a show?

5) Sun bathers…in their underwear…Really?!?!?!?!?!

6) The lady on the beach…in high heels.

7) The lady in the park…in high heels.

8) Strangers taking pictures of your child, because he’s cute. Ummm, that’s just weird!

9) Dropping ketchup on your shirt, and everyone else noticing, you being the last one.

10) A child screaming through the whole ride “nooooo” and you wondering why in heavens name their parents would put him/her on it?!?!?! (In this case it was ours…we are OFFICIALLY awful!)

11) The funny looking man with a sunglass tan.

12) Slipping on someone else’s candied apple (guilty too).

Hope your 4th of July was as wonderful as mine. Despite the mild atrocities, it will be one to remember.

Image: Washington fireworks

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