I love NY. 

I love the people, the food, the little corners in this huge city where, if you keep your senses open, you can find so much beauty. Lady liberty, yummy treats, different cultures…in an awesome mix of awe.

I got to see a bit of all of that yesterday, and I admit of sometimes taking for granted this amazing source of knowledge, just a ferry ride away. 

People are so friendly, noisy and everything that surrounds you has a story to tell…It never gets old.
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  • Wow! I absolutely love New York City and I haven't even come close to that corner of the country. My dream is to someday live in New York and write for a magazine. I love the idea of New York everything I hear about it makes me smile. I've never wanted anything more. xoxoJaz

  • I hope you do get to come here. It is absolutely breathtaking 🙂 know you have someone to count on here.

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