There Is No Party Like an iPlay Party!

Every year I run into the never ending debate, “Where will I host my kid’s birthday party?”

If your kids are anything like mine -vocal beyond comprehension [insert eye roll here]- then you know location is a key part of the Bday bash equation.

Samuel, my youngest, turned 5 last month. We had never celebrated his birthday with a ‘real party’, but this year I promised him it would be one to remember!

I wanted him to be very involved, so when he said he wanted his party to be at iPlay, I chuckled while maintaining a poker face because I was actually quite relieved. We have celebrated and attended parties at iPlay before and the experience has always been fabulous!

I knew Sam and his friends would be in for a treat!

From the moment you call to book your party to the checkout process, iPlay’s staff works diligently to ensure you are happy -and your kid is even happier!

The party packages are affordable and customizable, which is a plus -considering how I plan for one thing, and the day of, it’s a completely different one!

My boys and their friends had an absolute blast! I highly recommend you check them out for any future parties or events you may be planning!

Complete details  on how to #GetInOnTheFun and book is here! Be sure to ask for Ashley, she completely rocked at helping us count Samuel’s 5th Birthday bash as one for the books!

Thank you Ashley and iPlay for having us this year!

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