MY Inspiration

My thoughts were a little annoying earlier this morning…for those of you who know me…YES! …up at 3 am again. 

Some tell me I need a shrink…because well, I’m crazy.

I know for sure WHY they do. 
Some are related to stress…but most, to new ideas. 

This morning, while I was suppossed to be up packing for a family trip…my thoughts led me to decorate a pair of sandals a friend requested…and, while flipping through pictures of her, to get them just right (I try to match designs to people’s personality…especially if I know them)…anyway…I had to stop….

I smiled, and yeah…got a little teary eyed when I came accross pictures of my 2 favorite people…They simply reminded me, that although I am constantly raving and ranting about how overwhelmed I am: with the house, the cleanning, and yeah…running my business…These 2 put up with EVERYTHING! No matter what.

They are both my inspiration and reason for waking up every day…cheesy as it may sound…their support is unconditional….and, THAT’S pretty awesome!

What/who keeps you going?
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