My Day In Court

A few weeks ago, my 6″ chihuaha wiggled through my backyard fence at 7 am one morning. While tending to my children…I forgot he was outside. I later called the police department and tracked him down.

Two days later, a yellow ticket was mailed to my house with a summons to appear in court.

Now I am not Ms. Goody Two Shoes…but I do try to abide by the laws. You know, being a good citizen and all. I gulped as I opened the envelope playing back in my head my actions over the past months…what did I miss? What did I do wrong?

OMG! A summons to appear in court ?!?!?!??!?

I turned the ticket over…The charge? Written in bold print was: DOG AT LARGE.

I breathed out of relief but suddenly could not contain my laughter. I mean I lost it. Seriously?

Avoiding a warrant for my arrest…I showed up in court. I plead guilty too. I get it…my dog was missing his ID which I had also forgotten to put on his collar.

But, if you’re wondering where the safest place to live in NJ is…there’s a house for sale around the corner from my place. Just sayin’

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